We are a team with more than 10 years of working experience. Our expertise based on software for manufacturing industrial and e-Learning. Our team members have experience in implementing and managing software projects for government and private organizations. We are ready to serve our clients with proper products and services that will full fill your needs at a reasonable price.

ERP is a good solution that can help the manufacturing industry to reduce data Silos. A good ERP system will be able to fulfill almost every department of manufacturing. SP Square Solutions offers a top chart ERP system with a reasonable cost of license and implementation. We also developed our own product which enhances the benefits of scale weighing machine by generating production reports which can show stock and manhour and it can be customized based on your requirement. And yes, it can be integrated with your existing ERP system.

Moreover, we also foresee the benefits of e-Learning, which can help your business to increase manpower efficiency. With e-Learning, the cost of training can be reduced and employees can learn without limitation.

Our software development team are having multiple skill including VB, Net, Java. With the help of our software development team, we can provide your management with mobile apps. in order to view the real-time online report.


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