Life sciences solutions

SP2 offers a life sciences solutions. Our traceability solutions from Innovative (TM) can help you to manage and tracking from farm to end customer

Innovative Traceability System provides full traceability – from sourcing, to manufacturing, and shipment – and a complete audit trail of all lot or serial numbered items. At any point in time, you can take any lot or serial number of a product and identify where you used it, how it transformed, what got added to it and where you shipped it or where it is today

Innovative Traceability provide benefits to your business..

Traceability not only gives you the information you need to respond to product issues, it supports Industry Compliance like HIPPA, GAP, etc.

Managing Out of Compliance Incidents and the Cost of Compliance

Automating full life-cycle transaction accountability not only reduces risk, it also can reduce Sales, General & Administrative (SG&A) cost by 10 to 20%

An effective management tool to monitor the process to reduce out of compliance incidents and improve quality, which in-turn becomes an “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition)

Above all it gives you the required SPEED to act in emergencies to effectively carryout damage control by quickly accessing authentic data and take quick informed decisions.


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