ERP – Key Information

E - R - P stands for  Enterprise Resource Planning or another way which easier to understand is ERP is a software that can manage your entire business. ERP will contain all modules required by the business, for instance, Accounting, Warehouse, Production, Transportation, Purchase, Sales, CRM and etc. Different from normal software which designs only for a specific business unit, for example, an Accounting software which can support only accounting process but can't support the production process. That's meant business needs to buy 2 sets of software one is Accounting software and another one is Production software. Business needs to entries the same master data into both software like raw material item list and product list. Meanwhile using ERP, the business can just input these master data in one place in the ERP and share it to all modules which work for a different business unit.

Therefore ERP help to eliminate your data silos and integrate all of your business information together with a single database.

With SP2 ERP, management can view real-time business data through dashboard via a mobile device like iPad, iPhone or any Android device. It is only the right person who can access your business data.

Our SP2 ERP is user-friendly, your staff can easily to understand and enjoy working with the system.

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